I cover most of the South East & provide a professional chimney sweeping service in and around Essex.

I cover areas around Broomfield, Boreham, Danbury, Great Baddow, Little Waltham

So Please don’t hesitate to contact me, Guy today on 07961 845837

Celmsford is only 10 minutes away from me, so I cover all areas in-between and around here. 

Chelmsford is a fantastic (I nearly said town) City and I love the different types of buildings around here, as a chimney sweep I send most of my time looking at chimney stacks, this annoys the wife when she takes me shopping. 

I have swept loads of chimneys in and around Chelmsford and its always a pleasure. Some of the Farm houses on the outskirts of Chelmsford are breathtaking as well as some of the smaller cottages in some of the neighbouring villages. 

There is so much to offer from Chelmsford and I love working around here, although trying to get parked in the city centre is a nightmare especially if its just a a quick bite for lunch.