Chimney Sweeping Process

What happens when I come to sweep your chimney?

  • Once you have booked an appointment I will turn up and introduce himself, with ID
  • I carry out a visual stack inspection before I start, looking for any issues you may have. 
  • I will assess the job and advise you on my course of action.
  • The whole process should take about 45 minutes to an hour.  
  • I will get the necessary equipment which I may need and then lay out his sheets, to prevent any mess. 
  • All my tools will be kept on my sheets ensuring that no mess is made.  
  • There are several techniques a chimney sweep can use and 99% of the time the chimney can be swept from the ground upwards.   
  • During the sweeping I will be wearing gloves and mask for my own protection & safety.  
  • Once I have sealed up the area and prevented any soot from escaping, I will then begin the sweeping, I will use my industrial HEPA vacuum cleaner which will be running throughout this whole process to prevent any small particles of soot escaping.   
  • Once the brush is out of the top, I will then ask you if you wish to have a look (Tradition says its good luck to see the brush out of the top of the chimney).  
  • I will then sweep the chimney or flue on the way back down as well. 
  • Once the rods and brushes are out, I will then begin to tidy up and make sure the whole area is nice and clean for you. 
  • If you have a wood burner (log burner), multi-fuel stove, AGA and Rayburn appliance I will begin a smoke test on it to make sure there are no leaks, this is done by heating up the stove & flue to create a draw and then a smoke pellet is put in to the stove and the doors closed. I will be looking for any visible leaks of smoke & making sure that when the upper and lower vents are open that the smoke circulates and escapes up the flue. 
  • Once this has all been done & everything is seen to be safe you will then be issued a job completion certificate. 

If you do have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.

‘The Sweep Guy’

Chimney Sweep Hoover

The Sweep Guy