When to sweep chimney

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When to sweep?

A chimney sweep’s job is to remove the deposits that form in your flue from the burning of coal, smokeless fuels, and wood and oil-fired systems. The chimney sweep academy strongly recommends that chimneys using the following fuels are swept: 

So “when to sweep chimney” 

Bituminous house coal – at least twice a year 

Smokeless fuels – at least once a year 

Wood – quarterly when in use 

Oil and gas – once a year 

Sweeping chimneys is very seasonal, as most people choose to have their chimney swept after summer, so its ready for when the colder weather arrives. 

It’s important to have a certified chimney sweep to clean your chimney to ensure that its done correctly

Why sweep a chimney? 

Regular sweeping by a fully trained and qualified chimney sweep will aid in the prevention of chimney fires while reducing the risk of dangerous fume and carbon monoxide emission. It will also alert the homeowner of any other potential problem with the chimney and appliance, including leakages, presence of bird’s nests and other obstructions. Information can also be given about operating the appliance safely and efficiently, using the correct fuels. 

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