I cover most of the South East & I’m a professional chimney sweep in Witham and around Essex.

I also covers areas around Great Totham, Felstead, Wethersfield, Shalford

So Please don’t hesitate to contact me, Guy today on 07961 845837


Why have I chosen this picture you may ask?

Well that’s because there is a Greggs next to a Subway. That’s right its a chimney sweeps dream, although parking is a nightmare and you may have to walk, but that’s not a bad thing because have you seen how many calories are in a Greggs sausage roll or a BLT from Subway.

Lunch is very important to us as chimney sweeps and we all love a cuppa tea and cake.

(Thank you Janet for the homemade Victoria sponge last week)

Witham is my home town, even though I always thought White Notley came under Braintree. 

We moved here in 2003 and live a rural lifestyle, witch chickens, ducks, a vegetable patch and of course an open fire.

So if you live in or around Witham, and need a hungry chimney sweep please get in touch.