Chimney Creosote/Tar Removal

Tar is viscous and sticky before hardening with a glaze like appearance, Stage 3 Tar is a highly concentrated fuel which can easily catch fire resulting in a potentially devastating chimney fire. You can find out more about the different stages of soot right here

Reasons for Stage 3
  • Burning of unseasoned wood.
  • Incomplete combustion (slumbering/cutting off air supply).
  • Inadequate air supply for the fire.
  • Cold or Uninsulated chimney.
  • Flue to big for fire.
Stage 3 soot (Creosote)
Stage 3 soot (Creosote)

Stage 1 & 2 soot can easily be removed by brushing and using power sweeping, Stage 3 can only be removed by being chemically treated.


I use something called “Cre-Away” & is a four component powder that safely modifies glazed stage 3 creosote.

When applied Cre-away will react with the tar and chemically modify it changing into a substance that can be more easily removed.

How this works

  • A reactive agent neutralizes the acidic creosote making it less flammable in your chimney and less corrosive to metal components.
  • A dehydrator adsorbs the moisture and oils contained in the different forms of creosote. A combustion inhibitor helps reduce the chance of chimney fire.
  • A magnesium catalyst helps break down stage 3 creosote Tar when the flue is heated

I will preheat the chimney and apply Cre-Away using a small compressor. The flue will be fully coated and left for 2 to 4 weeks producing a product that can then be removed by sweeping. I will then issue you with a current chimney sweeping certificate for your insurance.