Why do I need my chimney swept?

As the days become colder and the frosty mornings start, the nights longer & more and more people will start lighting up their fireplaces or stoves. It’s time to get your chimney swept and relax in front of your fire wit a good book & with peace of mind that your chimney is clean and safe.

There are 3 basic reasons why you should get your chimney swept:

  • 1. To protect your health – Breathing fumes from gas or solid fuel fires can cause serious damage to your health and in the worse cases prove fatal. Having your chimney swept regularly by a will make sure that the flue is sufficiently clear to allow the fumes to escape freely and safely out of the chimney.
  • 2. To avoid a chimney fire – Having your chimney swept regularly will drastically reduce the chances of having a chimney fire. Chimney fires can cause property damage – the least usually being a cracked or broken chimney pot, which will need to be replaced and the worst being you could lose your home! Fortunately, the more extreme outcome does not happen very often, but it does happen.
  • 3. To avoid smoke damage – Each time the fire is used, soot will accumulate up the chimney. Gradually, this will decrease the size of the flue which, in turn, will lower the draw of the smoke upwards. If the chimney does not have enough pull, the smoke will enter into your room, not only causing irritation to you, but can also blacken your fireplace or the decorating above.

Some Insurance companies will no longer pay out for chimney fire damage unless the flue has been swept and maintained by a professional chimney sweep who can issue a valid certificate of sweeping recognised by the insurance companies themselves – so make sure whoever you used is a proper comapny

Dont worry because ‘The Sweep Guy’ is fully certified and can issue you a certificate.

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