When should I have my chimney swept


Many people ask “when is it best to have my chimney swept”

Although there is no definite answer to this question from a chimney sweeps point of view its actually best during the summer months, here are a few reasons why.

1, your appliance isn’t actually in use so this gives you and me more freedom of when I can sweep it.

2, Chimney sweeps are less busy which means you can literally pick and choose a time that suits you (in busier months the chimney sweep with have set times.

3, The soot inside your chimney/flue would have had time to dry out and therefore be easier to remove.

4, The knowing that the summer months you have a clean chimney/flue is quite satisfying.

5, More importantly when September comes and we have them chilly nights again then its safe to light your fire without having anything to worry about.  

For me I have many regular customers that like to have their chimney/flue swept in the summer months and it makes so much sense because from September I am out most days from 7am til 7pm sweeping and trying to find a slot for you is sometimes difficult.

It’s recommended that you have your chimney/flue swept every year, as a certified chimney sweep I don’t just sweep your chimney, I do a thorough check of your appliance, and this includes a smoke test.

By doing this thorough check in the summer months if I find any problems that gives you plenty of time to get some quotes and to get the work done.

Imagine if I came to your house in the middle of winter and I found an issue with your appliance that would mean a few weeks without your wood-burner or stove.  

So from a logical point of view the summer is the best time to have ‘The Sweep Guy’ visit you.

So please contact me to book an appointment that suits you.